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Check our calendar tab to see our open gym and event schedule and for make up class (date/time) availability.  

We offer Make Ups for Girls Rec students every Friday from 3:30-4:45 pm throughout the school year in addition to our regular Saturday Make Ups. Please visit our calendar to register.

Kangaroo Show: Friday, December 7!

Preschool Gymnastics Show: Saturday, December 8!

Winter Classic Rec Meet: Sunday, December 9!

**Gift Certificates are available at the front desk.**

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Temporary Membership Break RequestMembership Termination Request


Membership Tuition Policies

  • Once registered and a membership agreement has been completed, students are members until written termination of membership is processed.  No re-registrations and No Session Dates!
  • Membership is a minimum of 3 consecutive months.  No Refunds for early termination.
  • First month's tuition is due at the time of registration.
  • Monthly Membership class tuitions will be charged to a provided credit card by the 3rd of each month.  Check or cash payments may be made in advance before the 1st of the next month to avoid charge to the provided credit card.
  • A valid credit card is required to guarantee payment by the 1st of each month.  Customers are responsible for providing updated credit card information as needed.
  • The membership and monthly tuitions are ongoing all year unless a written Membership Break or Membership Termination request has been received at least 30 days in advance. (see Temporary Membership Break and Membership Termination Policies).
  • Monthly tuitions will not be reduced due to holidays or gym closings (last week in December and the week before Labor Day.) Tuitions are based on a year-round schedule.  Make up classes may be used for gym closings due to heat or inclement weather.
  • A 10% sibling discount is offered to the youngest family member(s) class tuition as long as an older sibling is an active member.
  • A 10% discount is offered for any additional class per week enrolled.  (Gym play add on excluded).
  • Only students with membership agreement who attend classes and pay class tuitions are considered members and are eligible for Member Benefits including:
    • Free Open gym
    • Make ups throughout the year
    • 50% discount on added Gym Play
    • Special discount membership prices on Birthday Parties, Private Lessons & Saturday Special Events
  • Students on Temporary Membership Break are not considered current members and are not eligible for Member Benefits.

Class Program Policies

  • All new students enrolling in any class must attend an orientation class prior to their scheduled registered class time.
  • To ensure appropriate skill level placement, all new & returning recreational students (ages 5 & up) registering for gymnastics classes must attend an evaluation class prior to their scheduled class.
  • Rebounders staff will recommend appropriate class level advancements throughout the year.
  • A change of clas type, day or time may be requested at any time during the year.  If the requested class is not available, students will be placed on a member priority list.
  • Classes with insufficient enrollment are subject to cancellation.
  • Any classes Boys only or Girls only classes may be combined at any time to avoid class cancellation.
  • Parents are not allowed inside the gym during their child's class (Except Parent-Child and Family Fitness).  Parents, family & friends will be invited inside the gym during scheduled observation days and/or special events.

Make up Policies

  • Members may use Open Gym as make ups for any missed classes.  Sign in required at the front desk.
  • Scheduled make up classes are available for members who missed classes due to sickness, vacation...
  • Make up classes and open gyms are posted and do not require advanced sign up.
  • Parents are required to sign in at the front desk for any student attending a make up class (with date of missed class).

Drop Off & Pick up Policies

  •  All students must be dropped off and picked up inside the building.
  • Students must wait inside and may not leave the gym without an adult.
  • Parents must wait with their child inside the building until class starts.
  • Students must be picked up on time, immediately following class. (Staff is not available to supervise children before or after class.)
  • There will be a $1.00 per minute charge for any late pick-ups.
  • If parents wait in the lobby/observation area with siblings, please watch your child at all times and keep them safe.

Snow/Inclement Weather Policy

  • Rebounders does not follow Baltimore County School closings.
  • In case of inclement weather, (snow, ice, extreme weather, extreme heat index) please call the gym for cancellation announcements or check the website for news updates.

Temporary Membership Break Request

  • Minimum Membership is 3 consecutive months.  No Refunds for early termination.
  • A Temporary Membership Break Form must be completed and received at least 30 days prior to the requested Break.
  • Temporary Membership Break requests must be for at least 1 month and may not exceed 3 months.
  • The requested Break Date must be the end of the month (30th or 31st).
  • While on Temporary Membership Break, monthly tuitions will not be charged and students will not be allowed to attend class.
  • Members on Temporary Membership Break will be placed on a Student Priority List for the requested class.
  • Students on Temporary Membership Break are not considered active members and are not eligible for any Member Benefits.
  • At Return date, no re-registration is required, membership agreement and monthly tuition charges will resume.
  • Temporary Membership Break Request Forms may be found on this website.

Membership Termination

  • Minimum Membership is 3 consecutive months.  No Refunds for early termination.
  • A Membership Termination Form must be completed and received at least 30 days prior to the requested Termination Date.
  • The requested Termination Date must be the end of the month (the 30th or 31st).
  • After the requested Termination Date, monthly tuitions will not be charged. Students will no longer be eligible for any Member Benefits.
  • Memberships may be renewed at any time.  Just let us know you are a return member.
  • Membership Termination Requests may be found on this website.