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General Description

Rebounders' fully structured recreational gymnastics classes are based on a progression learning system, emphasizing safety and success while having fun. Your child will be guided through step by step skill progressions and specific drills/exercises, providing the opportunity to effectively achieve and refine gymnastics skill, while progressing from beginner to advanced levels. Students will be working on all Olympic events/equipment: Floor Exercise, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, and Vault. Further, they will use Trampolines, Foam Pits, Spring Floors and a large variety of small specialized equipment. Our objectives for your child are to learn proper gymnastics skills safely, and increase strength, flexibility, coordination, and fitness levels. Our goal for your child is to become a hard working, self-confident and healthy individual.
Please note that our number one priority is the safe practice of gymnastics.  While these skills are fun and challenging, they are harder than they appear and therefore only practiced after proficiency has been demonstrated during progressions.  Regular and consistent attendance is the best way for your child to experience the self confidence that comes with success of completing these and many other skills. Our girls gymnastics program accomadates multiple Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Levels and 3 age groups. 

Beginner Gymnastics Level - Ages 5 to 17 years

Beginners: A safe and fun introduction to rolling, bouncing, twisting and all around movement awaits every child that enters our gym! From warming up their muscles to going upside down around the uneven bars, they will experience it all! We focus first on knowledge of the equipment and their comfort level with each event they visit. After an introduction to the vault, uneven parallel bars, balance beam, floor exercise, and trampoline (oh yes, there are trampolines!), they will begin developing body awareness along with fundamental and foundational skills that apply not only to gymnastics but all athletics! Every athlete progresses at different rates and times; for that very reason, there is never any pressure to attain certain skills, advance to another level or try and keep pace with any other participants in their class. We embrace individuality and celebrate success at all levels!

Intermediate Gymnastics Level - Ages 5 to 17 years

The learning never stops! This class is designed to continue to build on the foundation that was laid during Beginner Gymnastics. While the basics are always reviewed and applied, it is now time to challenge what they’ve learned, refine their skills and develop more advanced techniques of execution! We will focus some more attention on how well the skills are executed and celebrate the improved form and consistency in skill growth. Their understanding of terminology, body shaping and conditioning will increase as they face new drills for skill maturity. In an ever-evolving sport, they will be exposed to more practice time, new stretches, skills and coaching styles!

Advanced Gymnastics Level - Ages 8 to 17 years

As their skills have developed, strength has increased, the focus has lengthened and awareness has peaked, they approach some of the most complex and intricate skills in recreational gymnastics! It’s not just about skills, however… conditioning and flexibility play a huge role as the difficulty level has been amplified exponentially! The fun is now found in the weekly challenges and the thirst to finally land that flip, do that tumbling pass without being spotted or do a full 180° split! This class offers strength, intensified skill development and perfection, more gym time and more equipment exposure all adding up to an ideal class for a girl wanting to be known as a gymnast.

Tumbling Only Classes - All Levels - Ages 8 to 17 years
Great for Cheerleaders

Rebounders' tumbling classes are based on a progressive learning system, emphasizing safety and success while having fun. Boys and girls will be guided through step by step skill progressions and specific drills/exercises, providing the opportunity to effectively achieve and refine gymnastics tumbling skills. At the same time, they will increase strength, flexibility, and stamina, which are a necessity for stunting and to improve tumbling skills from beginner to advanced levels. Students will be working on Spring Floors, Trampolines, Tumble Track, In-ground Foam Pits, Spotting Belts and a variety of specialized equipment.

Trampoline Classes - All Levels - Ages 5 to 14 years
Great for Cheerleaders


In short:

Trampoline class will use the trampoline, tumble trak, and floor to teach body control, aerial awareness, and fitness. These skills can be a huge help to any athlete at any level of any sport.

 In more detail:

Since the Trampoline was invented by George Nissen and Larry Griswold in 1936, and has since been used as a supplemental training tool by gymnasts, divers, aerial skiers, and circus performers ever since. It was introduced as an Olympic sport in 2000.

The primary focus in trampoline training is the development of proprioceptive, vestibular, and kinesthetic awareness. Trampoline class will train these progressively with skills of gradually-increasing complexity, developing more and more precise control of the body while in midair. This precise control without reliance on external kinesthetic cues can drastically improve an athlete's agility and balance. It is also an excellent tool for building confidence, strength, and muscular indurance.

The class can be made open to athletes at any level, though athletes who can already do a decent handstand forward roll and backward roll to push-up (bent arms are fine) will probably get much more out of the class than an athlete who has not yet reached this point.

 General lesson plan:

Warm-up (floor or rod floor, 10-15 minutes)
-An active, warm-up will consist of running, jumping, dynmaic stretching, and low-level basic tumbling.

-Tumbletrak will be used for more basic skills and jumps, as well as forward salto progressions for more advanced athletes
-Trampoline will be used for progressions taylored to the athlete's level. This will start with basic jumps, then progress to front and back drops, and eventually saltos.
-Surrounding floor space will be used for positioning drills and strength

 Cool down (floor/rod floor, 5 - 10 minutes)

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2 years


55 minutes

Kinder Girls Beginner

Monthly Tuition

1x/week = $   450.00

Before and After Care Hours included



2 years

Program Hours

8:30 to 11:30 am

Tiny Kangaroos

Monthly Tuition

1x/week = $   200.00

2x/week = $   350.00

3x/week = $   450.00

4x/week = $   550.00

5x/week = $   650.00

Before Care Hours available - see chart below

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