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My daughter has been attending mommy and me classes at Rebounders for a year now. From the very first class, she absolutely loved it. Rebounders provides a safe place for her to release energy and learn new skills. She really feels proud of herself when she learns something new. As a mom, that’s an amazing thing to see! The coaches put in a lot of effort to make sure every class is a positive experience for each and every student. The new themes every week keep the classes interesting and different. This gives children many different opportunities to learn.
I strongly recommend Rebounders to any parent who wants to watch their child flourish while learning gymnastics skills and so much more! 

Danielle P.

February 2019

Kangaroos, Girls Team, COVID


We love our Reboudners Family!

We found Rebounders when my girls were tiny and chose to do the Kangaroo program as a supplement to pre-school.  My littlest loved gymnastics, so she moved over to the competitive team where she has been for almost 5 years.

This organization has been unbelievable.  We always knew how special Rebounders was and how supportive our Rebounders friends were, but not until March 17th did we really know how instrumental this organization is in our child's life.  

When COVID hit, Rebounders did not miss a beat.  Our kids needed to see their friends safely and continue to work on the sport they love.  We had our last in gym workout Sat and started virtually 2 days later.  With multiple daily choices of workouts, team meetings on line, weekly fun challenges, my daughter remained engaged in gymnastics, but more importantly had a sense of community.  She was also excited to work out with the big girls she admired.  

From the time we set foot back in the gym, they have been adhering to the highest safety protocols and have been keeping my daughter safe.  The coaches continue to teach my daughter new skills and advance her practice in a POSITIVE way.  She leaves practices so excited.  Even if she is frustrated because she cant quite do something yet....the way she is coached makes her strive to get that skill and teaches her SAFELY how to do it.  

Rebounders has been more than just a has been a place where my daughter has learned how to set goals and achieve them, how to balance her time, how to be a part of a team, how to have fun while working hard, and mentally how to stay positive when you literally fall.  We are forever grateful for the coaches and friends we have made and proud to be a part of this organization.  

Allison H.


November 2020

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