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Parent-Child Tiggers Gymnastics Program
Ages 18 months to 3 years
Boys & Girls

Parent-Child Tiggers Gymnastics Program General Description

  • Classes begin with a warm-up with energetic music and a variety of stretches.

  • Throughout the class you will visit different gymnastics events using special small sized preschool equipment to increase your toddler's strength, flexibility, balance, body awareness and listening skills.

  • Parents will be able to learn safe spotting techniques to help their toddler develop foundational gymnastics skills.

  • Parents are able to interact with their children while their child builds their listening skills in a fun and friendly environment.

  • Multiple age groups are offered in order to provide children with a developmentally appropriate gymnastics experience.


Facilitate safe, creative, sensory-integrative, and directed activities that not only continue to build gross and fine motor skills, but also develop more specific cognitive concepts, language and social skills leading to more independence and confidence. Increasingly challenging physical mechanics are introduced as the child develops, essential for gymnastics skill acquisition, greater body awareness, space awareness, and body control.

Ultimately, the children will be prepared to become increasingly independent with a teacher in readiness to graduate to our Preschool Gymnastics Program without a parent when they turn 4 years old.

Please see the bottom of the page for detailed activity description to achieve Developmental Milestones.

Parent-Child Tigger Age Groups

Tiny Tiggers

Age  18 to 24 months

Student-Teacher Ratio 7-1

40-Minute Class
$ 130.00/month

Mini Tiggers

Age 2 years

Student-Teacher Ratio 8-1

40-Minute Class
$ 130.00/month

Combo Tiggers

Age 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 years

Student-Teacher Ratio 8-1

40-Minute Class
$ 130.00/month

Super Tiggers

Age 3 years

Student-Teacher Ratio 8-1

40-Minute Class
$ 130.00/month

Enrollment Instructions

Current & Returning Customers

  • View Schedule below and choose your desired age appropriate class .

  • Click on the Register link next to the class. If the disired class is full, click on Waiting List.

  • At the top of the Registration Form, click on "Already A Customer...." to log into your customer portal.

  • Once in the portal, check your Child's Name and complete the form including checking all policies.

  • In the Note section, write date of desired start date.

  • At the bottom, click the UP Arrow to go the top of the Form.

  • Click on "Enroll".

New Customers

  • View Schedule below and choose your desired age appropriate class .

  • Click on the Register link next to the class. If the desired class is full, click on Waiting List.

  • Complete all Family & Student Information. The class choice will show up automatically.

  • If a trial class is desired, check that option towards the bottom of the form.

  • Fill in the desired Start/Trial Date.

  • Read and check all Policies.

  • Submit

Trial Class Option

We offer the option to make the 1st Gymnastic Group class of your enrollment a Trial class for $35.00.
This option can be chosen by checking the Trial Class option while completing the Registration at the bottom of the Form!


Sibling Discount

All Registrations must be confirmed with a start date!
Enrollment into an open class is for an immediate start date only!

Teachers for classes may change any time!


2nd Class Discount

Parent Child Logo.png

Parent-Child Tiggers Gymnastics Class Listings

Tiny, Mini & Combo Tiggers

Age 18 months to 3 years

Student-Teacher Ratio 8:1

40-Minute Class
$ 130.00/month

Girls Beginner Gymnastics Classes

Parent-Child Tiggers Gymnastics Program Detailed Activity & Milestone Description

Activity Examples
Weekly theme-related lesson plans teach gymnastics skills with fun and creativity.

  • Swing, pull up, lift legs on low bars,rings, and ropes to build strength.

  • Basic gymnastics tumbling skills - forward, backwards and sideways on flat, inclined, and round equipment.

  • Balancing and moving on beams and other objects of various sizes, textures, and stability.

  • Jumping on various trampolines, jumping and moving through in-ground foam pits.

  • Games that involve motor skills, music, and rhythm activities.

  • Following directions, problem solving, manipulatives, and fun.

  • And much more...

Major Achievements/Developmental Milestones

  • Crawling, climbing, and sliding over, under, and through obstacles.

  • Walking, running, galloping, and working towards jumping with 2 feet.

  • Balancing independently on low flat surfaces and soft varying equipment.

  • Hanging/Swinging with support or unassisted with emerging strength and maturity.

  • Climbing, sliding, and rolling forward and sideways on flat mats or wedges.

  • Listening and following short simple directions!

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