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Meet our Staff

All our Rebounders Managers, Program Coordinators, Coaches, Teachers & Administrative Staff are First Aid & CPR Certified. Our Team Coaches are Safety Certified.

Many of our Team members have been with Rebounders for many years.

We strive to provide a platform for all our staff members to learn and grow and become the best teacher, guide and mentor for our students of all ages and levels.

Owners & Managers
1.Lori Stark web.jpg

Lori Stark

Since 1983

Satellite Coordinator

Coordinates Off-Site Satellite Program and Field Trips.

B.S. Early Childhood Ed. Towson State University. Towson High School Varsity Gymnastics Coach 1983-1985.

2.Heidi Soerensen web.jpg

Heidi Soerensen

Since 1986

Front Desk Coordinator

Executive Administrative Coordinator. Founder and Owner “I Can Do It Too” Special Needs program offered at Rebounders. OTR/L , B.S. Occupational Therapy/SIPT certified; Movement Education Degree Germany.  

3.Colleen Grossman.jpg

Colleen Grossman

Since 1989

General Manager Team Liaison

A former Rebounders gymnast, Colleen was the 1985 Maryland State Advanced Optional Champion. She then went on to compete at Towson State University where she was Team Captain her junior and senior years. She was a USAG Compulsary Coach from 1989-1993 and has returned to coaching the level 4 USAG team girls, manager of the Shrewsbury location 1994-1996

Gym Program Coordinators
7.Lois Judge web.jpg

Lois Judge

Since 1996

Recreation and Private Lesson Coordinator

Lois has been with Rebounders full time since 2019.

“Lois is Lori’s Twin:)

Lois has been coaching gymnastics for more than 40 years!

She has 7 grandchildren! 5 girls & 2 boys!

"I love being here at Rebounders-it gives me the joy of being able to meet many new students/families and to share my love of gymnastics while helping them to learn & grow!”

8.Jessica Ryan web.jpg

Jessica Ryan

Since 2001

Preschool, Birthday Party, Special Event Program Coordinator Girls Team Director

Jess coaches USAG Girls Team Compulsory Level 4 and continues to teach preschool gymnastics. Jessica was a competitive gymnast in VA for 8 years and qualified to level 9 Nationals twice.  She has been teaching gymnastics since she was 16 years old.  She also cheered for her high school.  Jessica holds a Bachelor's degree in Sports Management from Towson University with a minor in business. She is also the proud mother of 4 beautiful children!

10. Jamal Rice web.jpg

Jamal Rice

Since 2002

USAG Boys Team Coordinator

Jamal is the USAG Boys Team Coordinator and Coach for all levels from Pre team through level 10. Jamal is an experienced and versatile coach who also works with the Off-Site Satellite Program, Boys Recreational Classes, and Kangaroo Classes.

14.Scott Haddaway web.jpg

Scott Haddaway

Since 2009

USAG Girls Coordinator &

Boys Assistant Coordinator

Scott was a USAG Boys Team gymnast at Rebounders since 1996!

17.Taylor Bloyer web.jpg

Taylor Bloyer

Since 2011

USAG Boys Team Coordinator

 Taylor is the Manager's Daughter!

Front Desk Administrators
11.Stacey Glaser web.jpg

Stacey Glaser

Since 2006

Registration Liaison & Account Manager

Ndia Via.jpg

Ndia Via

Since 2021

Front Desk Liaison

Future Staff.jpg

Jessica Jenkins

Since 2021

Front Desk Liaison

Gymnastics Coaches & Instructors
6.Dave Coffman web.jpg

Dave Coffman

Since 1982

USAG Girls Optional Team Coach

Dave was the Towson State University Assistant Gymnastics coach from 1988 - 1989.  He was also the Baltimore County and Maryland State High School All-Around Champion from 1980 - 1982.  Dave coaches in addition to his full time position as an Occupational Therapist with Baltimore County Schools.

4.Karen Kalivoda web.jpg

Karen Kalivoda

Since 1985

USAG Girls Optional Team Coach

USAG Girl’s Team Optional Coach. During her time at Rebounders, Karen has coached gymnasts from compulsory through optional levels, preparing her athletes to excel at the local, State, and National Levels. Karen is also a concert level flutist.

9.Ann Lynch web.jpg

Ann Lynch

Since 2004

USAG Girls Team & Class Substitute Teacher

She coached the MDL team from 2004 through 2007.  She was the Program coordinator for our Kangaroo Drop Off Program.

Ann was a competitive gymnast for 11 years with MG gymnastics.

13.EC Goode web.jpg

E.C. Goode

Since 2008

Girls Team Dance, Recreation & Sensory-Motor Gym Instructor

24.Katrina Villaueva web.jpg

Katrina Vallanueva

Since 2017

Recreation, Preschool & Pre-Team Instructor

34.Hayley Nelson_web.jpg

Hayley Neslson

Since 2018

Recreational & Preschool Instructor

Katherine Dulski.jpg

Katherine Dulski

Since 2019

Recreation & Preschool Instructor & Zoom Coordinator

Skylar Bruno.jpg

Skylar Bruno

Since 2019

Recreation & Preschool Instructor

Dakayla Hawkins.jpg

Dakayla Hawkins

Since 2020

Recreational Instructor

Mina Gollogly.jpg

Mina Gollogly

Since 2020

Recreational Instructor

Future Staff.jpg

New Emloyee

Since 2021

Recreational Instructor

18.Molly Watkins web.jpg

Molly Watkins

Since 2014

USAG Girls Pre-Team Coach

32.Katy Worthy web.jpg

Katie Worthy

Since 2017

Recreational & Preschool Instructor

Ben Rosenberg.jpg

Ben Rosenberg

Since 2019

Recreation Instructor &

USAG Boys Pre-Team Coach

Future Staff.jpg

Mariama FoFama

Since 2019

Recreation Instructor 

Future Staff.jpg

Samaria Dean

Since 2019

Recreational & Preschool Instructor

Cyndy D'Alonzoweb.jpg

Cynthia D'Alonzo

Since 2020

USAG Girls Team Coach

Future Staff.jpg

Taiya Taylor

Since 2020

Recreational Instructor

Future Staff.jpg

New Emloyee

Since 2021

Recreation Instructor

20.Shannon Ryan web.jpg

Shannon Ryan

Since 2016

Recreation, Preschool & Pre-Team Instructor

33.Ashley Sauer_web.jpg

Ashley Sauer

Since 2018

USAG Girls Team Coach

Shannon Tait.jpg

Shannon Tait

Since 2019

Recreation & Preschool Instructor


Lydia Gricoski

Since 2019

Recreation Instructor

Future Staff.jpg

Holland VanWestervelt

Since 2020

Recreation & Preschool Instructor &

 Pre-Team Coach

Abigail Mee.png

Abigail Mee

Since 2020

Recreational Instructor

Grace Blondell.jpg

Grace Blondell

Since 2020

Recreation & Sensory-Motor Gym Instructor

Future Staff.jpg

New Emloyee

Since 2021

Recreation Instructor

Retired Staff who was with Rebounders for over 10 years
R1. Jean Weber.jpg

Jean Weber

1972 to 2007

Former Owner

 Former Owner of Rebounders Gymnastics Center

R3.Joe Wood web.jpg

Joe Wood

Since 1990 to 2017


 Joe taught our toddlers and preschoolers.

R2.Sheri Huppenthal web.jpg

Sheri Huppenthal

Since 1980 to 2010

Girls Team

Sheri was Rebounders Girls Competitive Head Coach.

Pamela Troup_web.jpg

Pam Troup

1986 to 2016

I Can Do It too Instructor

Pam worked with our special children.

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